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by Rex Gaylord on 11/29/18

Thank you for your interest in our dogs.


Book an Appointment to visit our dogs in our home.  You may also Schedule a call with any questions.


Here are our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).  If we miss any of yours in our FAQ, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us with your additional question(s). 


Do you have any adult dogs or puppies available now and when will your next litter be born?


We expect a litter with Shake (red) and Guccifer 10.0 (black and tan) and hope we had a successful breeding 11/19/18.  Both Guccifer and Shake had all of their health testing completed per the Parent Club Health Testing Recommendations.  Approximate whelp date 1/18/2019.  Approximate go home date 3/28/2019


We are considering a litter with Ayumi when she comes into season this time, but we have not made up our mind on a sire for her.


We have a litter planned for Kimi Spring 2019 and we have selected her sire from outside our kennels.  We are very excited about this boy and will announce who he is if and when the mating takes place.

t we do intend to offer

We list our puppies on our AKC Marketplace and we have an active FaceBook page.

What is important to you when placing your puppies?  Just like you have to consider that you are making a 15 to 20-year commitment when you get a Shiba puppy, we commit to supporting every puppy for its lifetime.  Because of that, it’s important to us that where that puppy is placed is with a family we feel we can establish a long-term relationship.  It’s been our experience that people who are most involved and engaged early on for extended time, stay in touch with us best so we have pictures and updates and, in some cases, participate with us in conformation and dog sports.  
  • The personal relationship matters.  
  • We like you to stay engaged from the beginning of the process.
  • We like you to be watching the cameras, watching the spreadsheets and asking questions.
  • We like you to visit our dogs and visit the puppies before they go home.
  • We like to place our puppies close to home so we can evaluate our breeding program in person on occasion (Since we travel for dog shows close is a relative term).
Do you take deposits?  We keep a list, but we do not take deposits or commit to where they are going until both the homes and puppies have been evaluated.

How do you determine who the new homes are? We evaluate every puppy and every prospective home to determine the best match.  In the end, no matter how many prospective homes we have, the puppies go to the best home we can determine for that particular puppy.  

How do you evaluate the homes?  The first step in this evaluation process is to fill out this form located at http://shomaisou.com/Application_Form.html.  We keep a list, but we do not take deposits or commit to where they are going until both the homes and puppies have been evaluated.  Here is a nonexclusive list of the criteria we use (in addition to the information given in the details of the form).
  1. This is a commitment by us and by the prospective home of sometimes 20 years into the future care and well being of the puppy.  The new home needs to be somebody that stays in contact well, is stable and that we enjoy supporting.
  2. We look for people that are willing to learn, constantly are looking for new information about the care of this breed and is just as willing to share that knowledge with others.
  3. We look for people who have life skills that can be used later on in supporting the breed by being involved in organizations in support of the Shiba (Meetup groups, Shiba breed organizations or clubs, genetic or health research etc.)
  4. When practical, we go to the prospective home and look for potential issues.  It's also an opportunity to get to know the prospective home owner better.  If not practical to see home in person we like to do video calls and have them show us around.
  5. We contact other breeders, breed associates and veterinarians for validations.
  6. The final step we take is we use an online service to run a background check.  This assures us a person is who they say they are (we will not sell to puppy mills, pet shops or commercial breeders), live where they say they live and we don't see something that would cause us to not place a puppy in the home.
If you happen to be traveling to NE Ohio you should come visit our dogs (by appointment only). 

How do you evaluate the puppies?  We will not do the evaluation on the puppies until they are 7-8 weeks.  We use video and I consult with breeders in California, Oregon and Ohio for their unbiased opinions.  We review their markings, head shapes, temperaments, reach and angles, eye and ear shape and angles, and head to neck angles in relation to the shoulder and elbow alignment.  It’s not an exact science, only a good predictor based on observations at that age as to what they will develop into later.  We have to take into account the lines involved and how fast they mature.  Everybody gives their opinion and then I decide on the type of placement the puppy should go to (Show/Breeding home, Dog Sports home, Companion home).  Then at 10 weeks I take them to my vet for health certificate and to discover any underlying health issues we need to consider when placing them in a new home.  They will go to their new homes after 10 weeks old.  Occasionally we will keep one or more to grow them up to 6 months or more to evaluate the breeding and/or to reevaluate the puppy.

Can you tell me about your current dam(s) and sire(s)?  We feature our sires and dams here.

Do you or will you ship your dogs? No, we do not ship dogs.  I must confirm that they are going to a good home and not a commercial breeder or puppy mill.  I have delivered them in person for the cost of my round-trip ticket.  I fly the puppy in the passenger compartment, not cargo.

Will you provide references? Yes, I am happy to provide references to serious homes for our dogs.  I will provide my breeders and mentors; other co-breeders I have shown with or conducted business with and happy companion and dog sports homes.  I prefer to ask permission from them each time I plan to use them as a reference, so just ask me for the names.

I am ready for my new dog or puppy now and don’t want to wait.  Who do you recommend?  Contact us, we can help you with a reputable breeder.

How many dogs do you have onsite?  We have six (4) dogs and no other pets.  Two (2) adult females, two (2) adult males (1 is neutered).  

We are slowly learning how to be a better breeder through co-ownership, so some of our boys have been moved out to other homes and we co-own some of our girls. Currently we own or co-own twelve (12) dogs.  Six (6) males (1 neutered) and six (6) females (2 spay).  We own 100% of the breeding rights of both the boys and girls even if they are co-owned.  The ones listed below are considered a part of our current or future breeding program.

[Males] *active
CH Gaylord's Aka Baron Ace (OH)
Gaylord's Guccifer 10.0 Sho Mai Sou CA BCAT (OH)
CH Gaylord's Mighty Mo Gunner CA BCAT (OH)
Jiro III (IL)
CH Morningstar Star-Lord Son Of Shishigen Aka Kolo CA (OH)
Gaylord's Ayumi Walks This Way (OH)
Gaylord's Michi BB Shomaisou (WV)
CH Gaylord's Shake It Off Sho Mai Sou (OH)
GCH CH Morningstar-Gaylord No Kinshu Go Sho Mai Sou OH)

What about health checks?  Which ones do you do?  We breed for health, structure, temperament and strive to preserve and improve the original Japanese breed. It is very important to us and we only breed if we are sure it will be for the betterment of the breed.  We check hips, eyes, patella, elbows and more when they are old enough to get those checks performed and certifications obtained.  There are links to all our dogs that include to the most current status of their health checks posted on the OFA site.  Here is an example to our most recent, Guccifer.  Our contract will also specify exactly what health checks have been performed.  Please note that hips can’t be certified until they are at least 2 years of age.   If we choose to breed before that age, we check that the parents and grandparents are clear first and will do a preliminary x-ray.  When a puppy goes to a new home after 8 weeks of age, they have their first parvo/distemper booster and will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian.  Assuming that the puppy goes home at 8 to 10 weeks, the rest of the shots are the responsibility of the new home.  By Our Contract we require that the new home vaccinate according to the most recent publication of Dr. Jean Dodds' Vaccination Protocol for Dogs.

Do you have supporting reasons for following a vaccination protocol?  Yes, many but sometimes a video is an easier way to show this.  Watch this video from Planet Paws.  The next video comes with a WARNING!!!  This video is disturbing and heartbreaking to watch.  The puppy was placed by my breeder with a show home that gave the vaccination too close together and too many at the same time.  This is a recording of the resulting champing fits.

Do you have a contract and if you do, what is in your contract?  We have a contract template we follow, but each puppy contract is customized to the mutual needs of the puppy, the buyer and us.  Our template is setup to be used for four (3) different types of transactions.  The first type is for a puppy going to its forever pet home and/or intends to participate in dog sports (Companion/Dog Sports Contract/Limited AKC Registration).  The 2nd type is for a puppy going to a person who intends to show and/or breed it eventually (Show Prospect/Full AKC Registration).  3rd type is for somebody that is showing the dog but needs some mentoring or a partnership with conformation (Co-owned Show Prospect/Full AKC Registration).  Basically, we agree to mentor or partnership and pay it forward to the breed and to future of showing dogs.  We believe that all misunderstandings can be avoided with a solid contract that is fully understood by all parties involved and we avoid any verbal agreements before or after the fact.  

Under the Companion/Dog Sports Contract/Limited AKC Registration, I noticed that you specify that the dog should be spay or neutered by 2 years.  Is it okay to have this done sooner?  There is debate concerning the correct age to have this procedure done.  Since quite often my puppy owners may get involved in dog sports and more importantly decide to take their puppy into the show ring and I change the registration over to full registration, so they can show, I allow time for this.  If the animal is sold as Companion/Dog Sports Contract and the buyer wants to spay or neuter before 2 years, we have no issue with that.  The Companion/Dog Sports Contract will allow the new home to delay the spay/neuter or allow for alternative sterilizing that would not inhibit the closing of growth plates and proper muscling that is needed for animals that will be participating in dog sports such as, but not limited to agility.  If you have some clear research when an animal should or should not be sterilized, I would be interested in seeing that information for future reference and contracts.
Does spay or neuter change how often or how much a Shiba will shed?  I researched this question and I found very little about it.  I don’t have spayed females, but I know that my neutered male blows his coat just like everybody else.

Do you microchip your dog’s/puppies?  Shiba’s, because of their independent nature and tendency for unreliable recall off leash, it’s is imperative that they be properly microchipped.  We send our puppies home with an ISO standard microchip free of charge.  If the chip has not yet been inserted when they go home, your veterinarian can do that for you on their first wellness exam after you take it home.  I do this because I take my responsibility seriously when bringing new puppies into this world.  I never want one of my dogs to end up euthanized in a shelter or to end up in rescue; so I require that I be listed as an alternative contact on at least one (1) Microchip Registrants.  I like HomeAgain, and personally use AKC Reunite, but there are many to choose from.

How are your puppies socialized?  We raise the puppies as regular members of our household inside our home.  They have a dedicated puppy area, but as soon as practical are exposed to the adult dogs in our household.  The puppy area is within eyesight of our home office where somebody is almost 1548 Lancaster Drive always home to interact with them.  In the event that nobody is home, they are constantly monitored on video/audio cameras.  The Shiba is a very clean animal and so it’s a very easy process to have them trained to relieve themselves outdoors and they are kept very clean. Since we no longer have children at home, we encourage visits to our home by adults with young children as often as practical.

How much do your dog’s cost and do you take payments?  As a breeder, I should caution you that if this is the first question you ask, it is looked upon as a possible red flag that you might not be the best home for the breeder’s puppy and do not take payments.  With that said, I know cost of the puppy is factor that must be considered by you.  The price of the puppy is determined by the type of contract they are placed under.

For more information about pricing you should schedule a consultation.

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