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Stay Engaged With ShoMaiSou If You Want Our Puppies

by Rex Gaylord on 10/04/18

We plan to shutdown this blog and utilize our FaceBook DogSite as our blog while we build a new website for ShoMaiSou.  

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List

We highly encourage you to get to know us if you want one of our puppies or older dogs to go to your home.  We don't let our puppies go to a stranger.  You can do that through FaceBook on our DogSite and our PersonalSite.   If you would like to book a time for a first phone consult or to come visit our dogs at our home, you can book that here.  Book a phone or kennel visit

All content on current website should be considered up to date (except older blogs).  If you find outdated info about our dogs on our website please let us know.

You can lookup our professional affiliations at LinkedIn:

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